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Paleo Pumpkin PancakesBy SheridanI love adding pumpkin to both sweet and savoury dishes as its so versatile, and it pairs really well with the cinnamon in the pancakes. Such an easy and delicious pancake recipe to whip up and enjoy on weekends or simply make them into pikelet sizes and enjoy eating them as a snack.
Liver Loving Morning JuiceBy SheridanA beautifully refreshing, cleansing, colourful juice that is the perfect start to any morning - however hectic!
Crispy Curried Chicken WingsBy SheridanChicken wings are always a hit, even with the kids. Keep this recipe handy for a super quick, super easy, super tasty midweek meal!
Cinnamon & Date Choc Chip MuffinsBy SheridanPacked with dates, and with a chocolate hit from the cacao, these delicious moist muffins make for a great afternoon tea. So easy, the kids can help with them too!
Emmer Wheat Pizza BaseBy SheridanA beautifully crisp pizza base, ready to top however you like! Our Emmer Wheat is non-hybridised – meaning it has no nasties or chemicals added and is easy to digest.
Low Carb Green SmoothieBy SheridanWe share our favourite low carb green smoothy recipe. It's packed with sneaky veggies, gut loving probiotics and good quality fats and proteins to give you longer lasting energy.
Gut Healing Laksa SoupBy SheridanThis delicious Laksa is basically a warm hug in a bowl. Tasty and full of goodness, pop it in your slow cooker for a simple, satisfying meal, perfect for busy weekdays.
Magic QuicheBy SheridanA hearty quiche that is so easy to put together and makes a quick, healthy lunch or dinner. You can change up the ingredients with whatever you have left in the fridge!
Fig RollsBy SheridanFig Rolls like your grandma used to make! These are a perfect afternoon pick-me-up with a nice cup of tea.
Chocolate Crackle Bliss BallsBy SheridanA healthy take on chocolate crackles, these bliss balls contain some great nutrients and make a very easy snack that you'll be pleased to offer the kids!
Almond Cinnamon DoughnutsBy SheridanBaked, not fried, these Almond Cinnamon Doughnuts are super simple and a much healthier take on other doughnuts!
Chocolate Hazelnut Ice CreamBy SheridanCreamy and delicious, this Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream make a great treat, is packed with nutrients and can be whipped up in a flash!
Rocky Road Easter Treats!By SheridanLooking for a healthy Chocolate treat this Easter! Try this delicious Rocky Road Easter Egg recipe made from whole ingredients without all the nasties! A favourite for kids as well as adults... Thanks to Jo from Quirky Cooking for her fabulous marshmallow recipe that we added to this recipe! Quirky Cooking's Easy Marshmallow Recipe
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