Fire Water – Movie of the Month

FIRE WATER: Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace     The above link will take you to Fire Water. It is a free movie and is well worth watching. The information contained in it will make you go out and buy your self a water filter then send the bill to your own State Premier. I […]

Bogus Health Claim on Krafts Cream Cheese

The health claim on Kraft Live Active is “proven to lower cholesterol”. I was at the grocery store recently and was perusing the aisles as I often do looking at what manufacturers are making and claiming and I found this ludicrous claim by Kraft with their product live active, cheese and cream cheese.  The ingredients […]

Biphenol A in our food

A couple of weeks ago on facebook I asked everyone to let me know when they opened a can of food, to see if it was lined with plastic. The plastic is most likely may have Bisphenol A (BPA) within it. We’ve created a spread sheet about our findings.  This is a work in progress […]

The bored immune system.

When I first heard the term Bored Immune System, I was absolutely shocked that anyone would think that an immune system could become bored, I actually thought that the speaker I was listening to had just made it up. The speaker was a professor of immunology answering a question about the increase in allergy rates […]


Immunologist Professor Katie Allen from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute says Australian children have the highest recorded rate of food allergies in the world and warns the statistics could translate into a wave of chronic diseases.   It’s very appropriate that this week is Allergy week in Australia after the announcement of these findings in […]

Coconut Oil has so many benefits!

“I was called by Channel 9’s A Current Affair last month to see what I thought about Coconut Oil.  They wanted to know if I was a nutritionist that believed coconut oil was good for our health.  There concern was that coconut oil is 94% saturated fat. Here is a link to the story ACA […]

Vegan Diets- Just a Fad?

The vegan or vegetarian diet has become a fad, young people are proud that they have taken the moral or health stand not to consume any meat or animal product.  Whole families are also making the move to change their diet from a conventional one to no more meat. I was 14 and young and […]

Australia- The undernourished country

Approximately 60 percent of the population is considered overweight, and almost one-third is obese, serious diseases are linked to what we eat and kill an estimated three out of four Australians each year. These diseases include heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some types of cancer, and diabetes.  The food we eat is killing more […]

Eat chocolate to beat diabetes.

One of the biggest diet fallacies to date is that sugar causes diabetes and artificial sweeteners are the healthy alternative. In the last two decades in Australia diabetes has increased 300%, 275 people are diagnosed every day, by 2015 it is estimated that 4.6 million people will have diabetes in Australia.  Since 1980 world wide […]

Recycled Newspaper Poses Problem with Toxic Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals, pasta, rice and other foods packed in cardboard boxes could be contaminated with toxic chemicals. The chemicals, known as mineral oil hydrocarbons (print on newspapers), appear to be leaching from the recycled paper used to make most cardboard boxes. Research in Germany and Switzerland found the levels to be between 10 and 100 […]

Gluten intolerance differs from Celiac disease.

DOCTORS are not yet able to explain the condition but Kim McGlinn knows the misery gluten intolerance can inflict. Ms McGlinn, who runs HealthyFeast, a Leichhardt bakery, has heard customers’ stories of the possible effects of accidentally consuming gluten: violent illness and overwhelming tiredness. Now Australian researchers have found that people can be gluten intolerant […]

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