Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Movie

It is worth watching the trailer of this movie.  I tried buying it from the US shop but it is unavailable in Australia.  So I called my trusty health film distributor who told me that it should be available for Australians by the end of the month.  I’ll let you know how you can get […]

The wonders of sunlight.

Chapter 39 of Changing Habits Changing Lives has been saying this for the past 12 years.  So good to see finally the truth is being told about the wonders of sunlight. Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1335364/Tanned-women-live-longer-say-scientists-Lund-University-Sweden.html

Movie of the Month – Brain Development and Addiction

Dr Gabor Maté M.D. is a physician and bestselling author whose books have been published in nearly twenty languages worldwide.   Dr. Maté is highly sought after for his expertise on a range of topics, from addiction and attention deficit disorder (ADD) to mind-body wellness, adolescent mental health, and parenting.  A renowned thinker and public speaker, […]

Early Test for Dementia

What wonderful news that there may be an early test for dementia, what is scary is that the lesions for dementia and alzheimers are being found in 40 year olds. Let’s prevent this disease by eating foods rich in essential fats, like chia oil, hemp oil and inca inchi oil, more on these three amazing […]

The Brain in your Gut- Movie

This video goes for about 15 minutes.  Did you know you have functioning neurons in your intestines — about a hundred million of them? Food scientist Heribert Watzke tells us about the “hidden brain” in our gut and the surprising things it makes us feel.

What Does Leaky Gut, Vitamin D, Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases have to do with Gluten?

Everything you eat except for pure clean water has an inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effect on the body.  Inflammation is caused when there is an injury or foreign hazard on or in the body.  If you eat a food that the body sees as something foreign, it will mount an immune response in order to rid […]

Farm-raised bluefin tuna spawn controversy.

New technology uses hormones to enable the endangered fish to breed in captivity. It was ‘80s band REO Speedwagon who insisted on its album cover that “You Can Tune a Piano, but you can’t Tuna Fish.” But recently, marine scientists around the world have been proving the rockers wrong—they’re “tuning” bluefin tunas’ biology, implanting hormones […]

Salty Shock!

Read the transcript, watch the video and be absolutely blown away at the report on salads being more high in saturated fat and salt then a Mc Donalds Hamburger. This is a report by the Heart Foundation, who states that the best salad with less fat and salt was a McDonald’s salad and that most […]

Iodised bread and UHP Processing.

It seems that on a daily basis I am called upon by radio stations around the country and internationally to give my opinion on food, nutrition and health matters.  I was asked by London radio a couple of weeks ago to be on a forum regarding the escalation in stomach banding operations that had occurred […]

Shame on the Heart Foundation.

I know, I know I am always harping on about the Heart Foundation but someone needs to make this organisation accountable! Their latest news release , which can be viewed from the following url http://tinyurl.com/3ajvgn3, is asking the Australian public to not eat butter because it has trans and saturated fats. It is also siting Master […]

When is Meat not Meat?

Q. When is meat not meat?  A. When it is a composite or “enhanced” meat?   A composite or “enhanced” meat could have the following ingredients; beef soy protein, thickener (1422, 407), emulsifier (450), gelling agent (508), salt and flavour (flavour added because it doesn’t taste like meat). I always thought that this meat would […]

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