Deceivingly Delicious KaleBy TessaThis makes a perfect side to any source of protein; turmeric eggs, paprika chicken, plain smoked or fresh salmon and so on. It would also be beautiful served with sautéed mushrooms or roast vegetables.
Homemade Oven Chips + SauceBy TessaA delicious and healthier alternative to the take-away version. Get the kids is so much fun and a lot more rewarding cooking from scratch.
Raw Coconut YoghurtBy TessaThis is a fantastic dairy free alternative for those who love their yoghurt! Great for GUT health
Carrot KrautBy TessaThis wonderful condiment will stimulate your digestive juices, help you break down your food, will provide you with an array of probiotics and aid detoxification
Macaroni and Cheese with hidden veggiesBy TessaKids love Macaroni cheese! So why not make a version that is good for them and their growing bodies with nutrients from hidden veggies cooked in broth!
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