Surviving the X-Mas Cocktail Party.

Christmas is a hard time of year to stick to any eating regime, but the changing habits lifestyle is a great one to stick to around this time of year due to the  fact I do have a cheating chapter in my book, but also when you feel good and have been feeling great all […]

Up For A Chat Podcast

My New Podcast – Up For A Chat with Cyndi O’Meara, Kim Morrison and Carren Smith This is a free weekly podcast that talks about all things pertaining to health.  We will talk about things familiar and not so familiar when it comes to striving to be the healthiest you can be.  The series kicks […]

Snacking Tips

Tips for Snacking You need to plan ahead in preparation of some of the recipes so you have the right ingredients in your house. Check out your local farmer’s market of your local fruit shop for fruits in season. Often you can pick up second-grade fruits eg. Strawberries, ripe bananas Take them home, wash, peel […]

Seafood is a Superfood

As far back in history we can go humans have been eating seafood, both from fresh water streams and the ocean.  Some cultures rely very heavily on fish in order to survive even today. Fish as far as authorities go has never really lost favour as a good reliable healthy food source although there have been […]

Pharmageddon is the story of a Tragedy – By Dr David Healy

In the late 1950’s a sedative drug used to treat morning sickness in pregnancy called thalidomide caused a horrific drug disaster whose emblematic images of limbless and handicapped babies born to distraught mothers linger to this day. The United States Congress swung into action. They wanted to prevent such a tragedy happening again. They were […]

Coconut Oil.

Unfortunately like many “health” products today, not all coconut oils are created equal and to find the best it is important to understand the processing that happens in the birth of a batch of coconut oil – because more often than not it is the processing of foods that depict their quality. Coconut oils can […]

The Good and Bad on Fat

Our body is a fat machine, all our cells have fat, our brain is made up of fat, we carry fats in our blood stream to make hormones and vitamin D as well as other important communicators, we use fat for storage for the lean times.  We not only use fat for storage but we […]

Grow your own garden- TED Video

When I saw this 15 minute TED video about the edible town of Todmorden in the UK I was moved to action.  Firstly I rang my local councilor to see if I could start a community garden on the spare council land in my street.  It was weeks before I got a letter to say […]

Bad Medicine- Movie

Cardiff University psychiatrist Dr. David Healy says evidence-based medicine and industry-controlled drug trials are leading to an over reliance and unnecessary treatment by prescription. As part of TVO’s Mental Health Matters coverage, he joins Steve Paikin from The Agenda to detail what he sees as the growing pharmaceuticalisation of medicine.  13 minute interview. I like […]

Healing Cancer World

Meet the Doctors, Nutritionists and Advocates Who Say Cancer May Be Treated Successfully and Naturally – Without Excessive Use of Drugs, Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy.  Our very own Jessica Ainscough is part of this summit.  Jessica was diagnosed with a rare cancer when she was 22, she stopped all conventional medicine when the cancer returned […]

Low Vitamin D may not be about Day light but rather about Darkness

When you consider that we started using fire 1.8 million years ago our evolutionary biology had time to adapt to the extra light at night by the fire emitted, but it is just under 100 years since the electrical light bulb came into existence, changing our sleep patterns forever. More so the invention of television, […]

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