Protein Powders- Not another supplement story

My past few articles/blogs have concentrated on supplements, so far we’ve looked at how are supplements made, what is in them, what is the difference between synthetic and natural and how to identify them, how to read a supplement label and what are capsules, tablets and gel caps made from and all the fillers that […]

Perfect Ingredients to Make Your Green Smoothy

I have been doing green smoothies for a while now, though there seems to be an exciting buzz around them lately so I thought I’d share with you my version. Green smoothies are the best way to get all your required nutrients tightly packed into one cup. You can have these at any time of […]

Inca Inchi Oil- A Substitute for Fish Oil

Last month I talked about the fish oil industry and created quite an uproar.  For me as I was researching the information I was also in an uproar.  Something that I thought was a good quality product has been bastardised and made out to be something it was not.  Don’t get me wrong fish oil […]

Natural Sunscreen Recipe- No More Chemicals Needed!

A fabulous easy to make natural sunscreen. No more chemicals needed! INGREDIENTS 6 tablespoons coconut oil 1 tablespoon beeswax 4 tablespoons zinc oxide powder METHOD Melt ingredients in double boiler Cool quick to homogenise paste Done! Another prevention, put the gelatinous portion of aloe vera into your smoothie. This internally prevents sunburn or moreover instantly […]

Healthy Food and Travelling

I’m often asked how to eat healthy and eat foods that I like when I travel. In fact I was at a Thermomix cooking class and one of my customers asked me again.  Now that I’m the monthly blogger it’s time for me to answer this question.  By the way if you have any topics […]

Cyndi’s Youtube Cooking Videos

This year, I have decided to make  more short videos for the changing habits community, to bring you information on our products as well as what can be done with different whole foods. Here are some of the videos recently filmed at home and utilising my new garden. All videos will be put on you […]

Hangover cures

Christmas is a hard time of year to stick to any eating regime, but as a nutritionist I know that no one is perfect and so a little cheating now and then is to be expected! The key is not undoing all the wonderful work you’ve done throughout the year by making poor food and […]

Surviving the christmas parties.

  Christmas is a hard time of year to stick to any eating regime, but the changing habits lifestyle is a great one to stick to around this time of year due to the  fact I do have a cheating chapter in my book, but also when you feel good and have been feeling great […]

Obesity Epidemic- No time to weight!

I was listening to the finance segment with Ross Greenwood on the channel 9 Today Show recently.  He was talking about the national debt in Australia and how soon, taxes would need to go up in order to pay the interest of the government loans. GST, personal and company tax would be affected.  He said […]

How To Change Your Health & Habits Forever

The Changing Habits, Fat Loss Protocol has been instrumental in changing people’s perception about the food they eat as well as dramatic weight loss and exciting health outcomes.  For people who follow the protocol and understand it, then continue the lessons learnt from the protocol into their life and eating habits – their lives and health […]

Creating your own Home Base.

A softball and baseball player knows that when they get to home base, they are safe.  My house on the Sunshine Coast is my home base.  I find my home the best place for me to go and rejuvenate after a day at work, a weekend speaking or time travelling.  It’s a place I feel […]

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