Genetics Vs. Environment

It has been an interesting 10 days on “changing habits” facebook.  I’ve posed questions about certain pictures I posted.  The questions were about whether the cause of death or deformity in animals and humans was genetic or environment. You can go back and look at the answers to all the questions and there is a […]

Paleo Diet and Lifestyle

The Paleo Diet is getting a lot of airplay, especially in the US and there is a ground swell happening in Australia the UK and New Zealand.  Basically the Paleo diet is meats, fish, greens and vegetables.  Then there are many versions on the theme.  Some say fruit can be included others nuts and seeds, […]

From Fabels to Labels- Movie

This 13 minute video is an insight into how relaxed and misleading labelling laws can be. Urvashi Rangan an environmental house scientist and mother who works for consumer reports started looking into the labelling system both from a professional and personal perspective in the US with some alarming findings. She explains how labels such as […]

Supplements Aren’t What They Seem!

This month I was alerted via my facebook page CHANGING HABITS about a supplement company that had added hydrogenated vegetable oil, soy oil and vanillin to their pregnancy vitamin and mineral supplement.  Julie Yuen one of the followers on the page alerted me to it.  There was quite a conversation with 95 comments about the […]

Obesity is Now a World Wide Tsunami

I was watching a news report the other day and I can’t recall what the story was really about but there were a group of Australians being interviewed and I felt somewhat embarrassed that many of the people being interviewed were clearly very much overweight, bordering on obese if not morbidly obese. My brother owns […]

Ghost In Your Genes- Movie

Follow the link below  to a BBC Horizon documentary Ghost in Your Genes. Our genes carry unbelievable information of our past. And it is this genetic information, that affects our present, because the only way forward is to look into the past. This documentary film explains genetic science and it’s impact on our future […]

To Eat Fish or To Not Eat Fish?

I was listening to a program recently on our local ABC and a young environmentalist – Tim Silverwood was talking about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch within the North Pacific Gyre. He pointed out that this garbage milling in our ocean was plastic that was breaking apart but not degrading.   This plastic soup he […]

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