Coconut Oils aren’t all the same.

How is Coconut Oil Extracted from the Fresh Coconut? Not all coconut oils are created equal and it is important to understand the processing that some go through to pick a good quality coconut oil. Some coconut oils are manufactured not using fresh coconut but rather copra, Copra is basically the dried kernel (meat) of […]

Milk Flavourings- Do You Really Know What Is In Them?

Late Friday night I posted on Facebook about artificially flavoured powders to add to milk and their ingredients. Nestle was once very proud to advertise the fact that they artificially flavoured their strawberry Quik (see photo). They no longer advertise this fact, but they still use artificial flavouring. So what is the difference between artificial […]

The Dry Facts on Dried Fruit.

  I’ve been away for the past 3 weeks, cooking occasionally for myself but also needing to eat out.  When I get home I have a hankering to make food. The first thing I have to do is go out shopping to my local food stores and markets to get food, then when I get […]

Coconut Oil Uses

Recently on Facebook, I asked as to how do people use coconut oil. I was absolutely blown away by the response and the ideas. It seems coconut oil is one of those foods that can be used for hundreds of ailments, reasons and resources, not only by eating this wonderful ancient food but also by […]

Manifesting Matisse

Manifesting Matisse by Dr Michelle Nielsen on Audio – When this newsletter goes out I’ll be in Chamonix – France, presenting at a conference with Dr Michelle Nielsen.  Michelle is the author of Manifesting Matisse a book that changed my life in so many ways.  We currently have available Manifesting Matisse as an e-book for Purchase and […]

Endura Sports Gel…Really?

Cyndi was given this convenient sized sports energy gel at the end of her Mooloolaba Triathlon race, that athletes are meant to consume before, during or after exercise. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t want to put it near our skin, let alone ingest it. Here’s the ingredients: Maltodextrin, purified water, fructose, flavour (natural <1%), guar gum, […]

What chocolate are you eating this easter?

  With Easter fast approaching I just had to bring up chocolate! Now, you know me, I am not against chocolate, it is all to do with the quality of chocolate you are buying or making. Today’s blog post is revolved around a habit that some may admit is a tough one to change, especially […]

Easter, Easter, Easter

Do you often return to work after a well-deserved break feeling sorry for yourself, possibly because you have packed on a few kilo’s, you’re skin has broken out, you have headaches or you’ve come out in a rash? You also might feel tired, lousy and unmotivated? Once you realise these symptoms, you might have a […]

Autoimmunity- Our Biggest Health Problem.

I was talking to my very wise, healthy 84 year old Dad over the weekend who quoted Earl Nightingale. “The opposite of success is not failure but conformity”. It really hit home to me as so many times we conform and fail with health, rather than stepping out of what everyone else is doing and […]

Inca Inchi Powder and Oil

In the previous articles, I have been speaking about the benefits of Inca Inchi as a wonderful food source. Inca Inchi Protein Powder – is high in plant protein, so ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Add to your baking, smoothies & drinks or even sprinkled on your salads and vegies. Fabulous for those who work out […]

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