Basic allergy Info you need to know

As this week is Food Allergy Week, I’ve asked naturopath Nicole Hannan to give us the run down on allergies and what we need to know. – Cyndi. Over to Nicole…. In order to really understand what it is like for those living with allergies, it is so important for us to have empathy. Think […]

Are you ‘meating’ your dietary needs?

Back when humanity’s most serious dietary problem was the chance of ending up as lunch for a ferocious carnivore, our diet consisted of fruits, vegetables and grains. We weren’t ferocious enough to be great hunters, but we were smart enough to be great scavengers. When a strong carnivore such as a cheetah had killed its […]

Natvia – a sugar substitute

I’ve been receiving many questions on Facebook and by email regarding natvia, so I thought it was time to do some research and look into this new sweetener which is being heavily marketed through the media. What is natvia? Natvia is a blend of erythritol and stevia. Let’s dissect these two products. Erythritol Erythritol – […]

Is your probiotic working for you?

As we live in a society that has pesticides, preservatives in our food supply and antibiotics that have been regularly prescribed by medical practitioners, our guts are being cleaned out of good bacteria, which are critical for our health. These good bacteria help us make our Vitamin B (which is essential for various bodily functions […]

Q&A – That Sugar Film

Last week I was asked to be on an expert panel Q&A at the preview screening of That Sugar Film at Event Cinemas in Brisbane. There were two cinemas running the event 30 minutes apart.  The Q&A session went for 30 minutes in the first cinema and then Damon Gameau (producer and main actor), David […]

That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film

An interesting new movie is hitting cinemas around the country this month – it is ‘That Sugar Film’ which stars Damon Gameau who also directs the film, which is really more like a documentary – I will be joining Damon and David Gillespie on an expert panel Q&A following the Brisbane advance screening this […]

Clean Labelling

I have just purchased an advance copy of the recently released book in the UK by Joanna Blythman, titled ‘Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets’ – a revelatory investigation into what really goes into the food we eat and also covers among many topics, the practice of clever labelling. Attempts to link […]

Antibiotics Under Anaesthetic – My Daughter’s Story

My daughter Casie had her wisdom teeth taken out last April. Growing up in our household, Casie was never given any medication.  At the age of 23, she has never had an antibiotic, pain killer or any prescribed or non prescribed medication.  She was born fast, without any interference and was given no Vitamin K, […]

Farm Fresh Meat, Better Prices, Happy Local Farmers

From farm gate to front door…. whenever I have the opportunity, I support my local markets and farmers by purchasing their fresh produce and I also enjoy spending time listening and learning about their speciality products. One such local producer I had a chat to recently was Maree King from Silverwood Organics. Maree has a […]

Research and diet obsession vs real food

The Examiner publication recently released an article ‘Fat: the next taste sensation’ (click to read), that reports on a paper just published by a Melbourne scientist suggesting that ‘fat could be the sixth taste primary’. Western society seems to take one aspect of research and twist it till it suits popular demand. Then as time […]

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