We carry our soil with us

Everyone in Australia knows the name Costa, the energetic expert gardener from  ABC television and radio. A constant at flower and garden shows, he is an advocate for healthy soil and food growing and he is passionate about doing the right thing by the planet and the abundance it can give us. I was fortunate […]

Our top 10 most popular recipes

Last month we did a Top 10 recipe countdown on Facebook based on the recipes that have been downloaded the most from our website so far this year. Some members of our Changing Habits tribe have contacted us to say they missed some of the countdown and would like to have the recipes available all […]

Eat less in order to live longer

Last week I talked about the importance of our evolutionary body needing down time away from copious amounts of food in order to cleanse, detoxify heavy metals and basically clean out anything that is in storage to be disposed of when appropriate and safe to do so. Naturally, in evolutionary terms, this was done during […]

Raw dairy – to eat or not to eat

I promise that soon I’ll stop talking about Namibia, but once again it’s important that I address what I learnt and saw there with the Himba tribe in order to discuss the raw milk issue that I briefly talked about in last week’s newsletter. The Himba’s live on a diet of dairy and meat from […]

Basic allergy Info you need to know

As this week is Food Allergy Week, I’ve asked naturopath Nicole Hannan to give us the run down on allergies and what we need to know. – Cyndi. Over to Nicole…. In order to really understand what it is like for those living with allergies, it is so important for us to have empathy. Think […]

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