Try Camping to Reset Your Body Clock

Having recently being hiking in the beautiful and scenic NSW Snowy Mountains was a reminder to me of how important it is to get out into nature and natural light as often as you can, particularly for your body and mind. So, I thought I would share this great article below that I read on […]

Food Sensitivities Escalating

What’s happening? My body’s reacting to everything! In the last decade, food allergies have increased 10 fold amongst children in Australia and major food sensitivities in adults are growing, with the main culprits being soy, corn, cereals (like wheat), dairy, legumes and eggs and even coconut is being seen on IgG testing as a growing […]

Snack Smarter

The best-intentioned diet resolutions can unravel when you’re back at work. Most people take a briefcase to work, but I’m more likely to accompany it with a soft esky filled with food. When you eat healthy foods, you not only improve your physical health but you’ll help your mind and body deal with stress. The […]

Keep in Symphony, Keep in Tune

Here at Changing Habits, we are very fortunate to have a wonderful team culture and a strong, innovative leadership team. During a random sleepless night recently, our Managing Director Howard O’Meara put pen to paper and wrote an insightful message on the importance of both personal and professional leadership, together with ‘keeping in symphony, keeping […]

Inca Inchi Oil – for your skin during Summer

Another tip from Changing Habits for using food as your skin care! Inca Inchi Oil, like many oils is not only good as a food to take internally but is also a fabulous oil to use on your face and skin.  My husband and I have a bottle of our Changing Habits Inca Inchi Oil […]

Cyndi’s Health Trends for 2015

People will change from reading nutritional labels for calories, fat, salt and sugar and will start looking at the ingredients of foods. They will be concerned that the food does not look like a chemical laboratory but rather what their grandmother would have had in her pantry. Local and seasonal foods will become a focus […]

22 Habits of Happy People

I was reading through an article called ’22 Habits of Unhappy People’ recently and decided that I’d rather know the 22 Habits of Happy People, so I turned each of the habits around. As a result, Carren Smith and Kim Morrison, my Up For A Chat co hosts decided to do a Podcast on these […]

Nutrition, Genes and Modern Disease: A Current Dilemma or a Legacy of our Past

Our Education Course Developer Dr Stephen Myers and Consulting Nutritionist Sheridan Williamson recently collaborated and wrote a research paper titled ‘Nutrition, Genes and Modern Disease: A Current Dilemma or a Legacy of our Past’. Stephen and Sheridan decided to write the paper because they believe there is a disconnect or fragmented view in our thinking […]

Breakfast Cereals – To Eat or Not to Eat

I’m always a little wary when I see an industry body funding a meta analysis of the scientific literature or providing funds for a research project on the food they make their money from. Recently, the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum, who are made up of Carmans, Freedom Foods, Nestle, Kellogg and Sanitarium and who […]

Isagenix and Herbalife: What Do I Think?

Isagenix and Herbalife: What Do I Think?

What Do I Think About Isagenix or Herbalife? Isagenix, Herbalife or the latest greatest slimming protein and supplement powders seem to be sold on great stories and dubious science. At the moment, Isagenix seems to be the latest and greatest and many people are using Isagenix because firstly, it can make you a lot of […]

Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases

‘Allergy Pill’ was on ABC’s Catalyst show recently, with new research revealing that the ulcer causing gut bacteria H Pylori could help prevent allergies. Although not specifically related to H Pylori, the book titled ‘An Epidemic of Absence – A New Way of Understanding Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases’ by Moises Velasquez-Manoff talks about this whole […]

Heart Disease and High Cholesterol

What Cyndi Recommends  Read Changing Habits Changing Lives and try the Changing Habits Real Food Reset Program. Also supplement your diet with the Changing Habits Colloidals, Probiotics, Inca Inchi Protein and Greens. Invest in the Changing Habits seaweed salt and rapadura sugar to use in place of refined foods.  The Cholesterol Scam “The cholesterol hypothesis can […]

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