10 Ways to Get More Greens Into Your Diet

Written by Jordan

March 1, 2016

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to ‘eat plenty of fruits and vegetables’ but how much is enough? The right amount depends on so many factors, including age, gender, physical activity, the quality of the vegetables you eat and whether you are going through a detox program.

The simple thing to do is to incorporate ‘greens’ with every meal.

Here are some of our top tips to contribute to your intake.

1. Pesto


Pesto is definitely a staple in my house, and without fail I make a batch of it every week. You can add it to salads, on top of roasted vegetables, cold cut meats for extra flavour, mix through zoodles (zucchini noodles), add it to stir fry’s (at the end), use it as a dip with vegetable sticks as well as basting it on a twisted bread loaf before baking.

The uses are endless and you can change the flavour every week by using different herbs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, lemon, garlic and different oils. Here are a few of my favourite pesto recipes.

2. Juice


Fresh juice can provide all of the goodness from raw fruit and vegetables in a concentrated form in large amounts. On top of that, fresh juice helps to cleanse, chelate heavy metals and detoxify our body gently. Juicing also removes the fibre which can impair absorption of many nutrients in fruit and vegetables and can also aggravate a sensitive digestive system. The digestive system has virtually no work to do in digesting juices and provides the body with concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals such as; magnesium, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, amino acids and more.

There are endless varieties you can come up with when you mix together fruit and vegetables, although we do recommend using predominantly more vegetables than fruit. We also recommend using a cold-pressed juicer and organic or spray free, fresh, seasonal produce if possible.

We DO NOT endorse purchasing store bought juices as they have been processed and pasteurised which destroys all of the enzymes, minerals and other nutrients required by the body. When you make your juice yourself, at home, you can choose exactly which ingredients you would like to juice and drink. Here are just a few of our favourite recipes.

Don’t know what to do with all your pulp from juicing? Add it to spaghetti sauces, meatballs, rissoles and fritters like these Juice Pulp Fritters.

3. Smoothies


Smoothies are generally accepted to be a cold, blended drink with a thick consistency. Smoothies differ from juices in that smoothies are made from whole ingredients blended together. They contain fruits and/or vegetables as well as other ingredients such as yoghurt, ice, honey and milk (coconut, cow, goat’s, nut or seed milks).

They are typically rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as dietary fibre. This is where you can get creative by adding greens such as; spinach, herbs – mint and parsley, avocado, cucumber, zucchini and some of the Changing Habits Supreme Green Blend, Probiotics, Colloidals and Camu Camu for an additional nutrient punch.

Here are some of our favourite recipes:

4. Salads


Adding leafy greens such as spinach, rocket, fresh herbs, kale, silverbeet, lettuce, beetroot tops, dandelion etc. is a great way to bulk out your salad. You can then add other green vegetables for additional nutrition. Some options include; avocado, green olives, cucumber, zucchini, green beans, alfalfa sprouts, spring onion, celery and more. 

Here are a few recipes for some salad inspiration.

5. Sauté


You can sauté leafy greens with generous amounts of coconut oil, butter or ghee and add herbs, spices, lemon, garlic, ginger, chilli, salt and pepper etc. to make them a really flavourful and nutritious addition to any main meal or serve with fried eggs for a breakfast option.

Tomatoey Garlic and Basil Greens – this recipe is great paired with fish!

6. Eggs


You can add leafy greens, herbs and green vegetables like zucchini, avocado to omelettes, frittatas, quiche, fritters and scrambled eggs. Below are some of our yummiest egg recipes.  

7. Soups and stews


Soups are another brilliant way to sneak more greens into your diet as you can blend them in without anyone ever noticing! You can also add zucchini, leafy greens and lots of herbs to stews.

8. Bakes and pies


Yep! Bakes and pies can be just as delicious even when greens are added. Take a look at some of our recipes.

9. Grow your own garden


The ultimate superfoods are the ones that are picked straight from the tree, vine or ground. There are many benefits when you grow your own herbs, fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. You will:

  • increase your daily greens from growing them yourself
  • probably have an over-abundance so you can share them with friends and family
  • decrease your chemical load
  • eat according to the seasons
  • be more eco-friendly

You can read more about growing superfoods in your back garden HERE and HERE.

10. Changing Habits Supreme Green Blend powder


Last but not least! If you feel like you need a little assistance in getting more greens into your diet, it may be as simple as taking a healthy shot of greens to give your body what it needs.

The Changing Habits Supreme Green Blend contains a combination of some of the richest sources of nutrients on the planet. We suggest you start with 1 rounded teaspoon per day – mixed with water or juice – then adjust according to your requirements. Larger amounts may be taken by those who need an immune system boost, require more energy or following a cleansing and detoxification regime.

If you find, that your stomach is sensitive to the increased volume of ‘Supreme Green Blend’, then reduce the dosage and gradually increase until you reach a level that is comfortable for you again.

Just keep listening to what your body tells you. Food sensitive people should introduce the supreme greens slowly! The amount taken can vary with activity level, state of health and age.

We have some fantastic recipes in our Changing Habits Recipe Book including dips, guacamole, ice-blocks, raw peppermint slice and more. The greens may be taken with food or stirred into water, juice, coconut water, smoothies and even ice-cream! Mix into pesto’s, sprinkle some over your salads (a small amount) or even over your fruit and yoghurt.
P.S You can even add a spoon of our greens into homemade Peppermint & Choc Ice-cream to make it green and packed with nutrients! The kids will be sure to gobble it up!

Happy changing habits.

Jordan Pie,
Changing Habits Nutritionist

February 2016

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  1. terina.enniss@bigpond.com

    I have some of the supreme green blend and mineral cordials that have expiry datesof Nov 2015, are these still ok to use; I seem to remember Cyndi saying at some stage that they would be fine to use. Can you please confirm?

    • Kayla-Changing Habits

      Hi Terina, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the quality of the product once the date of expiry has passed.


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