The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol (4PFEHCG) has been such a resounding success, not only in reducing fat and thus increasing leptin sensitivity but in overall health mentally and physically.  The Healthy Living Club is filled with members who have success after success.  The help of our coach Anna Kurz Rogers in the HLC with the 4PFEHCG Protocol has been applauded not only in Australia but throughout the world.

At the beginning of the protocol I ask people to commit to permanent change if they want  the protocol to be a lifetime success.  After all  your health is due to your dietary habits and lifestyle.  If you continue to do what you are doing then you will continue to get the same result.  If you don’t like what you see then you have to change.  The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol actually teaches you what you need to change, it is like no other program I have ever seen or done.  For those who learn the lesson and do not go back to the foods that cause inflammation in their lives are forever changed.  It is empowering to finally take control of your own health.  For those who do the protocol and then continue back in their old eating habits then they are sadly disappointed.

The 4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol is not for everyone, breast feeding mothers, pregnant women, males and females with no excess fat, training athletes, as well as some teenagers are not recommended to go on the protocol.  I have had many phone calls from people who fit these profiles who really want to do the protocol as they want to know what they should be eating and avoiding for health for the rest of their lives.

It has been a dilemma for me as I don’t like to let people down, but I’m also strict in my beliefs about the limitations of the protocol with some groups of people.  So I’ve created the The Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol for people who are in these categories so that they can learn what foods cause inflammation which may lead to an autoimmunity and disease in the future.

The Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol addresses the evolution of man’s eating.  Yes, we have been eating dairy, legumes and grains for some 40,000 years or less depending on which study you read, but there is a belief that our digestive systems and genetic pool have not adapted to the agricultural or herding diet.  The blood type diet addresses that beautifully with the adaptations of different societies through the ages.

The limitations of the blood type diet is that, it is a wonderful way of figuring out what foods are right for you but the problem is I have met many blood type A’s (agricultural era) who are sensitive or allergic to gluten as well as all grains and I have met many a blood type B (herding era) where they have intolerances to dairy.  This is a dilemma as that means that the system is not full proof and perhaps we need to rethink what our true ancestry diet was.

The modern diet is so far removed from our hunter gatherer days that it is of no surprise that we have a western world and moving into the developing world of very sick people.  Globesity (global obesity) is now a reality, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and the many autoimmune diseases tells us that what we are feeding our bodies is not making them strong and healthy but rather sick and weak.

Even if we are feeding our bodies what we believe to be the right foods, we then find that the industry is playing with technology and natural foods in order to improve profits.  Meat is no longer wild and grass fed, it is more grain fed with massive antibiotics (70% of antibiotics used in Australia are used in animal husbandry), our chickens never see the light of day and fish is now farmed and fed a diet of pellets.  Fruits and vegetables are sprayed as are our seeds and nuts.  Milk is greatly processed with many things added that it no longer can be called milk but rather be given some marketing name.  Many foods that look like foods are not foods they are merely a bunch of additives, preservatives, flavourings and modified foods.  Our grains are refined into cereals which are then fortified with minerals that have magnetic properties.  Flour is fortified and many commercial breads are made of fifteen ingredients as opposed to five.  It is no wonder we have sensitivities to food and an epidemic of autoimmunity.

If you go to your doctor (not all) there will be very little talk of diet, he or she may suggest you eat low fat and margarine and iodised salt but apart from that their knowledge is limited to marketing and advertising rather than their own savvy and research.

For those who have stepped out of the folly of this generation of non-thinking eaters I applaud you.  It is by stepping out of conformity that you truly find your power with your health.

My opinion and that of many scientists and paleo specialists is that in order to truly understand what we are biologically designed to eat is to strip ourselves back to the basic hunter gather diet.  The 4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol does that with ease.  Basically you eat nothing but meat, chicken, fish, greens, vegetables and a few selected fruits.  By doing this for a period of time and then introducing the foods again we are able to convincingly show our minds what our bodies have been telling us for years.

The body gives signals/indicators repeatedly but we either take medications to suppress the symptoms or we believe it is a part of getting old.

Symptoms the body may be expressing as a result of poor food choices include but is not confined to;

  • Depression, foggy mind
  • Aches and pains in joints
  • Blowing nose every morning
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Flatulent, indigestion, bloated stomach,
  • Blood, urine and saliva labs that are indicative of nutrient deficiency or abnormal
  • High blood pressure
  • Continuous mucus
  • Skin aberrations
  • Hair falling out or thinning
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Itchy Skin
  • Dry eyes
  • Tight throat

They are niggling things that continue on a daily basis.  The body has the ability to be symptom free but if we continue to irritate it on a daily and meal basis then it will continue to knock you over the head with a two by four in order for you to listen.

The Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol is about getting back to basics, but with more food availability than the 4 Phase Fat Elimination HCG Protocol.  There are not four phases, just two.  In the first phase you eat the foods on the protocol for at least 6 weeks. Phase 2 consists of a list of foods in an order to introduce back into your diet over a period of time.  If you eat something that you are sensitive to then you will know by the scales and by the niggling indicators that you have identified before you start the loss protocol.

With the The Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol there are blood tests that you can take for autoimmunity and gluten sensitivity.  The first gives you a window into the future.  It is a test for 22 autoimmune diseases.  If you have any of the antibodies then you have an opportunity to change your lifestyle and your diet so that you do not end up with hashimotos, myocarditis, dementia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, osteoporosis and so on.  In the protocol I have listed all the auto immune diseases that we now know are effected by diet and lifestyle.  The autoimmunity tests are there if you want to take them for peace of mind.

The gluten tests are for those who are not convinced that perhaps gluten is their enemy, these tests are not only for coeliac but for gluten intolerance in the body not necessarily in the bowel.

Within the pages of the Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol  there are;

  • Foods to eat
  • Foods to eliminate
  • Foods that mimic gluten
  • Foods to challenge (in an orderly fashion)
  • A list of Autoimmune Diseases
  • Evolution of Mans Eating
  • A list of Autoimmune Diseases
  • Tests you can order from Cyrex Labs with the help of your doctor to see if you have a gluten sensitivity other than coeliac disease
  • Explanation of antibody testing
  • The new Systemic Autoimmune Reactivity Screen from Cyrex Labs
  • Weston Price Sourcing of Yogurt Cultures and Raw Milk
  • Recipe for Bone Broths
  • Link for many free recipes

The Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol gives you the opportunity to take control of your health by understanding foods that enhance health and foods that will strip your health away as you age. My book Changing Habits Changing Lives (2007 edition) is an important part of the protocol.  I ask you to read chapters in my book that relate to the quality of the food you are eating and challenging your body with and a full explanation is in the book.  So if you do not have a copy of my Changing Habits Changing Lives book, then I  strongly suggest that you purchase it with the protocol.

You can purchase the Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol as a single e-book, or you can purchase it with the food supplementation that I recommend in the protocol. I do recommend if you do not have my book Changing Habits Changing Lives (2007) then it would be prudent to add it to your shopping cart as it is part of the protocol and education on food.

Happy hunting and gathering
Cyndi O’Meara


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Cyndi O'Meara

Founder at Changing Habits
Not your typical nutritionist, Cyndi disagrees with low-fat, low-calorie diets, believes chocolate can be good for you and thinks cheating and eating yummy food is an important part of a well-balanced diet. Cyndi must be doing something right because she maintains a healthy weight and has never (in her whole life!) taken an antibiotic, pain-killer or any other form of medication. Cyndi is a passionate, determined and knowledgeable speaker on health issues and uses her education and experience to help others improve their quality of life so they too can enjoy greater health and longer lives.
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