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By guest blogger, Elspeth Haswell-Smith

My life changed when I started my journey for optimal health. I experienced anxiety, depression, dramatic weight fluctuations, a hormonal rollercoaster, and a sprinkle of some health expressions that were just plain annoying. As I sat in the room at Weight Watchers listening to the ‘wonderful’ new products (lollies and chocolates) that were out on the market that had super low points, I thought to myself ‘this isn’t right, they are full of chemicals!’ If Weight Watchers isn’t even good for me then what were my options!?

Well, I found Changing Habits! I bought a Thermomix and the world of Cyndi and Jo Whitton opened up to me. I wanted to learn, understand and heal. I read, listened, researched and watched anything and everything. At that stage I was working full time as a Domestic Violence Counsellor and had my sights set on continuing my studies in Psychology. 

I rang the Changing Habits office the year that there was a sniff of an education program being talked about on the network. Unfortunately, at that time it was only a plan and so I was told to call back at the end of the year. So I enrolled into a health coaching course, crossing my fingers that at the end of the year Changing Habits would launch something! When I received the email to apply I did so without hesitation. To my excitement I was accepted and was in the very first intake of the education course.

My aim was to create stronger links with the Australian health community, learn more about what Cyndi is teaching, gain more awareness on the Changing Habits philosophy, and incorporate the Changing Habits products into my business. Some other big aspects were the training, business support and ongoing research development. 

I would like to mention here that 2015 has been a big year, with a blended family of 6 children to continue to love and support. And on top of that, acceptance into Psychology honours, Twenty8 HLE and Changing Habits Nutrition Course, plus an investment property that required renovations. It was a challenge to keep all the balls in the air while my partner and I juggled running our company and business. I say this because, for those out there that are enrolling into the course and concerned about time and managing family etc, don’t choose stress and failure as an option. Studying the course was my time to read, research and learn everything I love!

The modules are laid out in a very easy format to follow with a mixture of multiple choice answers, short answers and short essays. You will learn how to get your thinking hat on to research and continue to ask questions. I enjoyed the prompts that were provided and extra readings to continue to explore the topics with both sides of the arguments being debated. In comparison to the other health coaching course I completed, Changing Habits had a strong scientific approach and encourages referencing of works. The Changing Habits students also get to have webinars with Cyndi to discuss the modules and hear more on what Cyndi is researching. This is content that is up to date research! Mainstream medicine most likely won’t incorporate the research for another decade – if we’re lucky! 

The course has also opened up an amazing community, and the connections all students create are flourishing! We talk and discuss business ideas, our health, research, case studies and the list goes on. Regardless if you embark on this journey to learn more about health and incorporate it into your family, community, growing a business or a professional in the health world, this course offers so much. Gaining awareness and becoming an informed consumer enables us all to be empowered. My dream is to continue my psychology studies and go on to a PHD to bring more research into the field of psychology and gut health, and continue growing my business in coaching and counselling those that wish to empower themselves! 

I am so happy to say that from everything I have learnt I have been able to empower myself to heal my gut, my brain and forge ahead with my health in positive ways. I completely understand the root cause of my anxiety and depression, and choose to feed my body so they no longer express themselves in my body. I continue to bio hack and understand my weight fluctuations, have amazing hormonal functioning and health expressions that no longer plague me! So if I can do it anyone can!

I am looking forward to meeting more of the Changing Habits tribe and you can find me on Facebook, Elspeth Haswell-Smith – Food for Life, or visit my website

Jump on board and become part of the ripple effect!!

Elspeth Haswell-Smith
Changing Habits Nutrition Course graduate

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