12 Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Written by Jordan

October 24, 2017

Acne and other skin conditions can really affect a person’s confidence, especially when you don’t know what could be causing it. There are several factors that can contribute to skin issues such as; stress, the food you consume or don’t consume, pollution, mould and/ or chemical exposure, gut dysbiosis, parasites, inflammation, toxins and much more.

While the underlying causes of skin conditions are different for each person, there’s one common denominator for everyone, and that’s your diet.

All the food you eat either has the potential to improve the health of your skin or cause damage.

For example, fruits and veggies rich in antioxidants aid in the production of collagen (the protein that keeps skin healthy, smooth and supple), and helps your liver detoxify more efficiently to prevent skin breakouts. Whereas, consuming refined processed foods full of vegetable oils and refined sugar breaks down collagen by cross-linking with other collagen fibres through a process known as glycation, which is known to form molecules that contribute to skin ageing and other skin issues. 


12 nourishing foods that can really help to improve your skin health and leave your skin glowing!


  1. Pumpkin/ Pepita Seeds
    These seeds are packed with vitamin E, zinc and magnesium; these tiny seeds keep your skin glowing.They promote a strong regeneration of skin cells and are filled with protein and good quality fats. They are a perfect addition to trail mixes, or just eat them as a snack or add it to this yummy Beetroot Salad for some crunch.
  2. Avocado
    Are packed with essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants and fibre. Avocados should be a staple in any diet aiming for great skin. The ‘good fats’ are great for the health and hydration of cell membranes. These membranes are the gatekeeper of your skin cells – they let the good stuff in and keep the toxins out. Try a whole avocado in a salad or with a can of lemon tuna for a quick office lunch, I’ll often add them to my smoothies to add creaminess and ‘bulk’ or you can’t go past a good guacamole either.

  3. Cacao
    Is filled with antioxidants, it increases blood circulation around the body for up to 2 hours – this means an instant glow ladies! When blood circulates at an optimum level, all skin cells are being nourished and remaining vital. I enjoy my cacao as an ingredient in slices, pannacotta, cakes, pancakes or hot chocolate. Cacao makes for a lovely afternoon pick-me-up.

  4. Gelatin
    Consuming more gelatin in our diets is a smart natural skin care approach. The reason for this is that gelatin has skin healing properties due to its rich source of collagen. Collagen is considered one of the building blocks for skin, it helps with skin elasticity, reduces skin roughness, ageing, wrinkles, stretch marks and helps protect you from free radical damage. Cellulite is caused by a breakdown or loss of collagen. Gelatin also helps prevent stretch marks by improving the skins strength, elasticity, tone and firmness. We have so many delicious recipes that use gelatin on our website, here are a few of our favourites; Turmeric & Honey Chia Jelly Squares, Raspberry Jelly and Vitamin c gummies

  5. Green Tea
    Green tea is full of antioxidants and catechins, which have disease preventing properties, protect against sunburn, inflammation and long-term UV radiation damage. Some studies have shown that just 2 cups of green tea per day provides additional sun protection. Iced green tea with added fruits for flavour may just be a great option to sip on throughout the warmer summer months.

  6. Citrus Fruits & Camu Camu
    Citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, grapefruit and our Camu Camu Powder are all rich sources of Vitamin C. Citrus fruits contain a component called ‘limonene’ which has been associated with lowering skin cancer risks by 34%. Citrus fruits and Camu Camu Powder are also rich in antioxidants that protect the cells from free-radical damage which happens during sunburn. I love adding the Camu Camu powder to smoothies, raw slices, bliss balls and Gummies.

  7. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    Salmon, Changing Habits Inca Inchi Oil and seeds, walnuts, chia seeds and other fresh fatty seafood are all great sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega 3’s are highly anti-inflammatory as well as protect us from free-radical damage that can be caused by the sun. An easy way to increase your Omega 3 consumption in the diet is to consume this delicious 4 Ingredient Mayonnaise using the Inca Inchi Oil. It can be added to salads, meat, poached eggs or made into aioli and other delicious dips.
  8. Turmeric
    Turmeric is a game-changer when it comes to the health of your skin. That’s because turmeric’s active antioxidant, curcumin, has shown to be one of the most effective anti-inflammatories and free-radical fighting options out there, and it can also be used to lighten dark pigmentation blotches or scars caused by aging, hormone imbalance, or sun exposure by inhibiting an enzyme in the skin that produces pigment. How amazing is that!
  9. Coconut
    Is full of muscle-relaxing potassium and electrolytes to replenish and rehydrate your skin, making it softer and younger looking. And when you move onto the coconut meat and extract its oils, you can utilise it to heal your gut. That’s because coconut oil contains a potent antimicrobial, caprylic acid, which can help improve gut health by destroying bad bacteria and candida. Candida is a fungus that can break down your intestinal walls and decrease stomach acid, which causes inflammation, poor digestion, and skin breakouts or rashes.

  10. Inflammation Ease Herbs
    Inflammation is a signal to the body to begin the healing process. Without it, wounds and infections would not heal. It’s an important and necessary part of skin rejuvenation, but in chronic situations, inflammation can become destructive. I recently wrote a blog called Inflammation Explained as well as 20 Inflammation-Fighting Foods. However, if you’re already doing all of those things to fight inflammation and it’s not working, then our Inflammation Ease Herbs may just be the thing you need.You can add these herbs to your tea, bliss balls, smoothy or slices.
  1. Zinc Rich Foods
    Zinc is necessary to improve the health of your skin. Zinc deficiency is significantly linked to many skin issues including acne, dermatitis, skin lesions and rosacea. I recommend increasing your dietary intake of zinc. Did you know that liver is one of the best sources of zinc, along with animal proteins, some legumes, nuts and seeds, Try these recipes to increase your zinc levels naturally – gut loving liver pate and crispy bacon liver fry up.
  1. Probiotic-Rich Foods
    Did you know that gut dysbiosis is strongly linked to skin issues, so if you really want to heal your skin, you need to work on your gut. You can start by eating a diet rich in real, anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding inflammatory foods, your gut and skin can improve dramatically. However, it is highly beneficial to consider food-based probiotics as it is a great way to rebalance the good bacteria in your gut to begin the healing process. Eating fermented foods rich in beneficial bacteria will also assist to balance your gut. There are many fermented foods you can make from scratch including kefir, sauerkraut,  yoghurt, and kimchi you can find recipes for these and much more in our comprehensive gut protocol.


What are your favourite things to do, or foods to eat that help to improve the health of your skin?

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