Are You New to Fermentation?

Written by Jordan

February 23, 2016

If you are completely new to fermenting foods, then fermenting vegetables is probably the easiest way to get started in the world of fermentation. When you ferment vegetables you can use a method called ‘wild fermentation’ which basically means the only ingredients used include the vegetable, salt and the naturally occurring bacteria on the vegetable (I recommend using organic produce).

However, some people do use a starter culture to ‘kick start’ the process and speed things along, which also ensures a certain flavour and more consistent end product. There are many different varieties of fermented vegetables you can make, see below for a couple of my favourite recipes.

Fermented (Cultured) Vegetable Recipes

How to make Cultured Chilli, Beetroot and Carrot (1:46min)

Cultured Dairy

I love the many delicious fermented foods that can be made from dairy, and kefir is one of them. I love how easy Kefir is to make, and it’s incredibly rich in beneficial bacteria and yeast (the yeast makes the kefir effervescent). Kefir contains over 50 strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast compared to yoghurt which only contains 7-10 strains.  It’s even been said that antibiotics can’t kill kefir because it’s that strong.


Click below for my kefir recipe and have a look at the video to get more of an in-depth look into exactly how you can make your own kefir. Please note that if you cannot tolerate dairy, kefir can also be made on coconut milk or cream, I recommend sourcing an organic brand without any added ingredients.

Dairy Free Ferments

If you want to get more creative with fermented foods then try these beautiful and nourishing, dairy free sweet recipes. We use these beautiful dairy free cultures from Kultured Wellness.


Surely you were able to find something from the above recipe links that will help you in your fermentation adventures. However, for more inspiration just go to YouTube and do a video search for the kind of fermented food you want to make. You are bound to come up with loads of great video tutorials.

I hope you get inspired to get into the kitchen and start making your own fermented foods. Once you realise how easy they are to make and how incredibly nourishing they are for your body, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

If you’re a visual learner then watch this easy to understand video by Dr. Josh Axe who explains ‘How to Increase Probiotics in Your Diet’.

Happy changing habits.

Jordan Pie,
Changing Habits Nutritionist

February 2016

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