12 Ways to Utilise More Bone Broth in Your Diet

Written by Jordan

April 19, 2016

Do you want to get more bone broth into your diet so you can reap the nutritional and health benefits from consuming it?

Below are 12 creative ways, with their recipes, that you can utilise today to gain the benefits of consuming more bone broth in your diet.

If you’re using a recipe that requires broth and/or stock and you don’t have it, then dissolve dehydrated broth into hot water to create a liquid broth and use it as required. The dehydrated broth is great to add to recipes such as salt (to make chicken salt), dips and marinade spice mixes when the liquid component is not needed. Have a look below

1.  Pate

2.  Soup

3.  Sauce/gravy/mash

4.  Curry

5.  Eggs

Add dehydrated broth (to taste) to whisked eggs to make scrambled eggs an omelette or frittata, or sprinkle on top when serving.

6.  Stew

7.  Casseroles and bakes

8.  Fritters/rissoles/meatballs/fish cakes

Add the dehydrated broth to taste when you make fritters, meatballs, rissoles and fish cakes


9.  Roasted meat and veggies

Sprinkle dehydrated broth over chicken, lamb, beef or turkey and rub it all over with a mixture of salt, pepper, herbs and spices for a beautiful marinade spice rub, or alternatively sprinkle over the top of the roasted meat and veggies when serving.

10.  Salt

Add the dehydrated chicken broth to some of the Changing Habits Seaweed Salt to make your own ‘Chicken Salt’.

11.  Hot drink

12.  Add to savoury muffins/breads/loaves

Add some of the dehydrated broth into the dough mix of muffins, breads or loaves to increase the nutritional value of them.


Happy Changing Habits

Jordan Pie
Changing Habits Nutritionist

April 2016 

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  1. Heather Clark

    I am keen to order some of your beef broth but I get migraines from tyramine so I am wondering Ifthis will be Ok for me.?

    • Jordan Pie

      Hi Heather,
      If you get headaches/ migraines from drinking homemade liquid bone broth, it will be the same for our product as it is purely liquid broth that has been slowly dehydrated and popped into a packet for easy use.
      Kind regards, Changing Habits Admin.

  2. Sue Knapp

    Hi, Just enquiring if you can use the broth during the 4PEP stages please?
    Thanks, Sue

    • Jordan-Changing Habits Nutritionist

      Hi Sue, yes you can use the Naked Beef Broth 🙂


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