I have just been away with my family on holidays; I find that when I am not working and completely relaxing I become a people watcher.  Our holiday was in a place where there were a lot of people from all over the world and as I sat on the beach and watched the world go by I began to feel like I was in the movie, The Matrix. 

I watched the many overweight men, women and children in their togs, consuming countless amounts of fast food, I visited restaurants where there was not anything on the menu that had real food and the grocery stores were full of processed and refined foods and I began to think that people are living their lives blind to the fact that the food they are consuming is changing the very fabric of their health and the health of future generations.  In fact at one restaurant I passed, the paramedics were working very hard to revive a very overweight gentleman who had collapsed on the restaurant floor.  I do not think he survived what looked to be a massive heart attack.  

For me I feel like I have taken the red pill and I see the truth and I can not go back, but the more I shout it from the mountain tops the more I feel that I am not being heard.  I wanted to tell everyone to take the red pill which would allow them to see the truth and to see what the food industry is doing to our food and our health.  What people do not realise is that even though the food that is consumed by the vast amount of Westerners is cheap to purchase; it is actually costing a mountain more in medical and health costs and environmental disasters.

Another thing I do on holidays is visit book stores, especially when I am in another country. The first section that I always go to is on diet and nutrition.  In one particular book store I was astounded that a whole row of books spanning ten metres was dedicated to this subject with thousands of books on diet all saying the same thing but in a different way.  My dilemma was do I read them all to learn something new, but then I knew that this was impossible.  As I turned away from the diet aisle, I was attracted to a book that was show cased and that I knew I had to read.  Food, INC., How Industrial Food is Making us Sicker, Fatter and Poorer – and what you can do about it.  It is based on a new movie that was introduced at the Sydney Film Writers Festival last month and it is the red pill of the food industry, it is everything that I have been talking about for the past twenty years and it is so exciting to see my favourite conscious film producer (he also produced An Inconvenient Truth and Fast Food Nation) producing yet another awakening masterpiece.  This is in part a film about global warming and how if we change the food we eat we can change the environment of the planet, and every single one of us is capable of changing what we eat by eating with conscience.  Do not worry, this does not mean that we have to sacrifice taste, far from it, it just means that we have to eat food that has been grown in the ground not made in a chemical laboratory or produced unethically.

You see most of the fad diets are not important, all of them are a waste of time, none of them work for a lifetime, what is important is that we gather information about how our foods are made then make a conscious decision on whether we are going to continue to support the food companies that do not support our health or the health of future generations and the planet.  Once you have this information it is really hard to consciously continue to eat industrialised food loaded with chemicals additives, preservatives and fake man made, manipulated ingredients. And once you eradicate these foods from your diet and begin to eat real food again then your health and your weight problems will change for the rest of your life.  

Changing Habits Changing Lives is a start to understanding food and how it is produced and what it does for your body and what foods will sustain health.  I believe in time that we will look back at these past three decades and say “what were we thinking” when we ate boxed breakfast cereals, diet drinks, margarine, flavours and other chemical industrialised food.

The movie Food INC. is not being played in major film houses in Australia, much to my dismay, in fact there is no distributor for the movie in Australia.  I have been told that it will be on DVD within the next six weeks, so as soon as it is available I will be importing the movie and putting it on my website.

My quote at the beginning of this newsletter was: there must be an awakening to the crisis then followed by action.  My hope is to awaken with the truth and provide action that we all can do.
Check out the Food inc. trailer below

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